De Anza Hang Outs1 min read

The Media & Learning center draws students with its environmentally friendly student lounges and quiet outdoor garden areas.

Phelan O'Bryan, Freelancer

Students, what are the main things you do between classes? Hang out and mingle waiting for your next one to begin. For new students coming into De Anza, here are a few spots that seem to draw the attention of most.

Several designated smoking areas around the campus but for some reason it seems that the C-lot smoking area is the most popular.

Computer labs come in handy when  spending  long days at school with no Internet access. De Anza College has plenty of popular learning and studying facilities such as the computer labs in and behind  the library and in the     Advanced Technology Center.

Need to write papers or research important topics for papers you have coming up? In order to use computer labs and printing stations, sign up for your DASB card.

Student stations include outlets to plug in your computer and available wifi. The Kirsch Center and the Media Learning Center, De Anza’s newest eco-friendly buildings, were designed to include plenty of relaxing sitting areas inside and out surrounded an abundance of grass and trees.

The MLC provides general purpose classrooms and labs with academic space for anthropology, sociology and world languages.

The Kirsch Center houses the first statewide energy management program and biodiversity, environmental law, pollution prevention, and wildlife corridor technician programs. Behind the center is a hidden garden including labeled plants and ecosystems.

The Sunken Garden offers an artistic water sculpture that helps art students visualize and release creativity.

The most popular area on the De Anza campus is the cafeteria and dining area. You can’t get through those long six to 10-hour days without eating. The cafeteria is open from about 7 a.m.  to about 8:30 p.m.