Vicente Fox Speaks at Flint Center2 min read

Rachel Schemel

Though he could have settled for a more humble life, he continued to reach for more. After rising from truck driver to supervisor of Coca- Cola operations in Mexico and later all of Latin America, Vicente Fox eventually became president of Mexico in 2000.
The former president of Mexico spoke at a Celebrity Forum at the Flint Center on Feb. 7. He addressed global economic and political changes, while giving the message of self- reliance.
Fox said children are born to be leaders and education is the key for building leaders.
“We’re convinced that leaders will change the world as it has happened in the past…” Fox said. “You were not born to be poor. You were born to do great things.”
Fox expressed his support for the current immigration reform in the United States. He identified the reform would bring competitiveness back to the job market in the Americas. He also appreciates that the reform would supply identification for the immigrant workers.
When speaking of the Mexican economy, Fox mentioned how important it is as a dominate community. “It was very telling when he mentioned the amount of money they contribute to the American economy,” Ruben Billa, attendant at the forum, said, “… I had no idea they contributed $250 billion to the United States.”
When asked how to reduce drug cartels in Mexico, Fox answered “reduce consumption here in the United States.”  Attendants clapped in agreement with the statement. Tom Duff, attendant at the forum, agreed, “It is our drug problem, not theirs.”
Because of his family support, Fox is able to stay close to his roots. He visits his family ranch every Sunday for the family dinners. He also refuses to walk public streets with security to stay close to the peoples’ opinion. “We live in Mexico,” Fox said. “Usually the president of Mexico runs away because of corruption.”