Our Revised Mission Statement

And what we hope to accomplish with it

La Voz Editorial Board

With La Voz’s revised mission statement we hope to clarify the focus of La Voz Weekly and further explain our role in the De Anza College community.

Our previous mission statement needed updating because it was too concise and didn’t fully explain what we hope to accomplish with our news coverage.

With these values in place our goal is to broaden our coverage of De Anza and establish a forum where all students can be heard.

We are committed to training successful student journalists who don’t allow bias to cloud their ability to report the news fully and include all sides of a story.

We also hope to serve as a public forum where members of the De Anza community can write in to share and discuss ideas.

If you believe we have strayed from our mission statement, failed to cover an event, left out important information, or you simply want to make your voice heard please write us at [email protected]

You can also submit a letter to us through our website lavozdeanza.com

Mouse over the share your voice tab and select submit a letter to the editor.

We will do our best to run as many letters as possible. If we cannot fit a letter in the paper in a timely manner we will run it on our website.

For more information on letters see the box in the bottom right corner of this page.

Thank you for reading La Voz Weekly and we hope you share your views and write in.

If you have any questions feel free to stop by the newspaper office located in room L 41.


La Voz provides the De Anza community with quality media, reliable information and a forum for communication among students, faculty and staff. La Voz serves as a student-run First Amendment publication was well as a historical record for the college.


The mission of La Voz Weekly is to provide the De Anza College community with the most accurate, most thorough and most interesting campus news, sports and entertainment and serve as a forum for communication among students, faculty and staff. La Voz is a student-run First Amendment publication as well as a historical record for the college.

The principles that staff members of La Voz Weekly should operate on are:
To assertively seek content that has high interest, impacts the reader, provokes discussion and advances the reader’s knowledge.
To react quickly to any newsworthy events on campus.
To create content as relevant to readers as possible by reporting what has happened, what is happening and what will happen in the news.
To create a product that is a reflection of the diversity of the backgrounds, goals and interests of the readers.
To show a commitment to diversity by reflecting the cultural traditions, beliefs and views of members of the De Anza community.
To avoid stereotyping and typecasting in our reporting.
To consistently adhere to the ethical guidelines of La Voz and the Society for Professional Journalists and foster the most professional environment possible at all levels.
To train technically and ethically successful student journalists.
To foster an open enviroment within our own newsroom that welcomes a variety of views and encourages discussion.