Career Workshop helps students plan

Anthony Lucido , Staff Reporter

Many students struggle with deciding on their majors and career paths and the career services at De Anza can help with that.

The career services at De Anza held a workshop on Feb. 11 to help educate students majors and career paths. The workshop also helped students explore potential majors and careers that they might be interested in pursuing.

“I think it’s good for students to be able to look at other careers that may be a good fit for them and that still make money,” said Helen Pang, a career services counselor at De Anza who hosted the workshop. “A lot of times students will not only hear and be pushed into a certain career when there are a lot of other career options out there.”

Pang gave students at the workshop general information about majors and careers, such as what majors are, what are the types of degrees, myths people may hear about majors and careers, and identifying student’s interests.

Although being general information, students did find it useful as it can be unclear without someone to help you understand them.

“Finding these types of information is not easy and is not clear for me, and it makes it difficult to choose a career path,” said Elizabeth Ochoa, 33, software engineering major.

Additionally, there was more in-depth and less well-known information given, such as different researching methods, networking, and how to utilize LinkedIn.

“This workshop has helped with what resources are available, and being able to find out what people actually do later on when they decide their major and the career they end up going in was really helpful,” said Hana Baig, 18, film major.

At the end of the workshop Pang emailed her presentation and other resources to the students who showed up.