De Anza Chamber Orchestra and Band hosts spring concert

Ella Shih, Staff Reporter

De Anza Orchestra and Band showcased a diverse program from Renaissance pieces to the latest works in film at the Visual and Performing Arts Center, June 9.

The De Anza Chamber Orchestra and Band featured guest conductor Leah Liu, student pianist Grace Yi in Piano Concerto No.23 in A major by Mozart and the canzona of Italian composer Giovanni Gabrieli’s work, written in 1597.

Grace Yi, 17, a high school pianist, received a roar of applause from the audience when she played Mozart’s piano concerto with the chamber orchestra.

Non-classical pieces were also performed.

Loren Tayerle, director of the two bands, said the performance of “Shallow,” from the movie “A Star is Born,” touched him.

“I was very proud of them,” said Tayerle.

Contemporary classical jazz piece “The Duke,” by American jazz composer Dave Brubeck, surprised audiences, creating a light-hearted atmosphere at the event.

According to Tayerle, the work stylistically incorporates swing and improvisation.

Washington Post March by American jazz composer John Philip Sousa, celebrated an ownership change at the newspaper in 1894 and is Americans’ tribute to the free press and Constitution, said Tayerle.

The orchestra performed Turkish March by Beethoven and gave familiarity to the audiences.

Yi said her performance went better than she expected although she made some mistakes.

Vincent Grimes, a father of a flute player in the orchestra, said this was a beautiful concert.

Audiences said they loved the diversity of the program.