‘Harry and Meghan’ reveals a new side of their royal relationship

Sabrina Jiang

Netflix’s “Harry and Meghan” is an American documentary series starring Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the duke and duchess of Sussex. Their description of their relationship and of the royal family raises suspicion as to how accurate it is, but nonetheless it provides a platform for the public to satisfy their curiosity.

The documentary follows their love story, exploring everything from the secret beginnings of their relationship to the issues that compelled them to step away from the royal family. 

The series is mostly made up of first-hand accounts from Harry and Meghan but also relies on the testimony of third parties, such as friends and family – many of whom had never spoken publicly about the couple previous to the film. This added a layer of exclusivity and privacy that resulted in continued interest throughout the series. 

The documentary’s use of smooth camera movement and in-depth interviews with well-known people makes the plot very compelling to watch.

I have doubts about the authenticity of the documentary because Prince Harry and Meghan have expressed their attempts at getting rid of the media because of how constant their life was being filmed and publicized. However, this contradicts their high-profile documentary filming and countless public eye appearances, which makes me question the accuracy of their story as a whole.

A clear example of this can be seen when Harry and Meghan said they were going to drive around to get rid of the media, yet at least three cameras were installed in their car to film their entire day. 

Although the authenticity of the documentary is questionable, the plethora of interviews with Prince Harry and Meghan, as well as those close to them, has given the public a way to learn about royal life. 

This documentary is unique because most information comes from Harry and Meghan themselves rather than a third party. As Prince Harry says in the film, “isn’t it better to hear our love stories from us than from journalists?”

“Harry and Meghan” has a coherent plot, intriguing interviews and mature shooting and production techniques which made me thoroughly enjoy the documentary as a whole.

Overall, I would recommend this documentary to those who are curious about the inside story of the British royal family and the love story between Prince Harry and Meghan. 

Rating: 4 out of 5