Fancy Flavors satisfies cravings with lattes to macarons


Butterscotch beer macarons. Source: Fancy Flavors

Kaitlyn Khov, Reporter

While the Bay Area has no shortage of dessert shops and bakeries, Fancy Flavors manages to stand out with its impressive macaron designs and creative flavors.

The menu contains a variety of dessert and drink items, with macarons being the bakery’s best-sellers.

At $3 a pop, Fancy Flavors’ macarons are reasonably priced, and just as delicious.

Pumpkin spice latte macarons.
Source: Fancy Flavors

There are both seasonal flavors such as pumpkin spice latte or pecan pie macarons and rotating flavors like strawberry passion fruit.

The strawberry passion fruit certainly lives up to its hype. With a tart flavor, the jamlike berry filling in the center acts as a sweet surprise. 

A staff favorite, jasmine rose, is a two-toned macaron with dried flowers sprinkled on top. Its creamy center balances every dainty bite.

Butterscotch beer is one of the denser macarons. With a more caramelized flavor and chewy texture, this macaron is sure to remind tastebuds of the fall weather. The sweetness is complemented with toffee notes, which I was pleasantly surprised by.

There are even character-inspired macarons worth trying. From Rengoku to Sailor Moon, these macarons are larger in size and more intricate compared to their regular counterparts.

If customers are unsure what to try, the white chocolate raspberry is a safe bet. While on the sweeter side, it has a denser macaron shell which enhances its creamy filling. 

The cold brew’s caffeine and slushy ice make a deliciously perfect pick-me-up without being too strong. 

For a more subtle flavor, the ruby latte is another limited item back on the menu. Its ruby ganache base and strawberry notes are light and airy, whether it’s served hot or cold.

Try Fancy Flavors in-person or by ordering through their website.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars