Rosalia explores bolder beats and new styles in single “A Pale”

“A Pale” album cover Source:

Nathalia Moran, Staff Reporter

Rosalia fuses flamenco and other urban beats in energetic and dynamic new single, “A Pale.”

Released on Nov. 7, the song celebrates the one year anniversary of her debut album “El Mal Querer.”

Following the success of recent hits like “Con Altura” feat. J. Balvin and “Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi,” the song’s message centers around that success as well as criticism and commodification.

She begins with the lyrics, “Desde el día en que nací, traigo la estrella que llevo,” translating to “Since the day I was born, I carry the star that I have.”

“Pale” refers to wooden pallets she often saw during her childhood in the industrial area of Barcelona where she lived.

That image becomes the symbol of her carrying weight and being a strong woman in an industry that belittles, commodifies and incessantly criticizes her.

The song begins with high, angelic vocals which are common in her other songs. After the first verse, the flamenco beat and high vocals immediately shift. 30 seconds into the song, the bass drops.

The beat becomes faster, sounding like a blend of genres and different instruments.

Keeping in mind the imagery of the pallets, the fast-paced beat feels like the motions of a factory line.

Still, she didn’t sound as though she would allow herself and her artistry to become products. The song felt like an anthem, where she refused to sacrifice her individuality and creativity.

The rest of her lyrics demonstrate what she gained in terms of success: caviar residue and Yves Saint Laurent lipstick on a lover’s cheek, among other things.

However, underlying this boasting, her gritty and deep voice sounds assertive, reinforcing her “I don’t owe anyone anything,” attitude set up in the first verse.

Rosalia’s blend of different genres demonstrates her expansive range and stylistic capabilities. She conveys traits of her art which she acknowledges and intends to stick by to propel her career forward.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐