DASG to co-sponsor upcoming affordable housing town hall


DASG senate members meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 6.

James Rahn

Furthering their efforts to support and include students, the De Anza Student Government voted unanimously to co-sponsor an affordable housing town hall at their meeting Wednesday. 

The event’s organizer is Cupertino For All, which organizes and supports efforts to make housing more accessible in Cupertino and the surrounding area.

Neil Park-McClintick, chair of Cupertino For All, said his organization is “really the only progressive housing organization in Cupertino.” 

“Affordable housing is a real issue that the city isn’t taking as seriously as it should,” Park-McClintick said. 

By co-sponsoring the town hall, DASG agreed to support and promote the Oct. 13 event

“We’re going to promote the event on our social media to try to get as many people to attend,” said Dennis Shannakian, coordinator of the Office of College Life and faculty advisor to the DASG.

The DASG also in a final vote of 13-12 decided against moving their online office hours from Zoom to Discord.

The proposal was initiated by Sunnie Chen, DASG senator, who said that the proposal would increase the visibility of the office hours, as they were not well-attended last year. 

“From what I can tell, almost no one came to Zoom and a significant amount more are on the Discord,” Chen said.

Saskia Latievarya, DASG senator, was one of the 13 senators present who voted against the proposal. Latievarya was concerned about the accessibility of Discord.

“There are only 1800 people on the Discord, and I feel like that 1800 people represent a specific and privileged group,” Latievarya said. “By moving the office hours to Discord, we would cut off everyone but those 1800 people.”

One alternative which was discussed was holding office hours both on Zoom and Discord, but this solution was not supported by any of the senators present.

“Last year, I tried to open both at the same time, and you just can’t communicate very well”, Chen said.

The DASG will meet again next Wednesday at 4 p.m.