Nice Buns! Special edition- The Counter


Brenna White, Staff Reporter

While The Counter’s customizable burgers certainly have crowd appeal with its potential variations, it would seem that a fluctuation in quality is also present despite its higher cost which is fixed no matter what.

Although this was my first visit to The Counter, its commendable reputation preceded it. I can certainly see it being a candidate for a nice dinner out with friends.

To begin building your burger you select from a long list of ingredients to stack it as high as you want. However, be wary of the tempting premium fixings which could rack up rather quickly.

I assembled a very simplistic burger for the sake of testing the fundamentals: beef patty, cheddar cheese, red onions, lettuce, tomato, and house relish. At the price of $13 I had very high expectations for this burger and unfortunately it was not a purchase I would repeat.

My main complaint is the doneness of the patty. I asked for medium rare, but final product was suspiciously rare and mushy in consistency. In addition, the burger completely lacked the house relish that I ordered which perhaps would have been the kicker.

I will admit that it certainly looks the part of a delicious burger. The brioche bun is also an excellent component with a satisfying smooth surface and fresh taste.

In the end, I think you could find food of more consistent quality elsewhere for significantly cheaper. Then again, perhaps there is a hidden gem within their vast menu.