Star quarterback praises family and football


Nathalia Moran

Starting quarterback Oliver Svrsky, 22, credits his family for his success.

Nathalia Moran, Staff Reporter

His parents put him on the soccer team as a child, but another parent suggested to his mom that football seemed more suited to his energetic and rough playing style.

So began the football career of De Anza College’s quarterback, Oliver Svirsky.

Svirsky, 22, social behavioral science major, is one of the older players on the team.

“I remember being the kid in high school that was like, ‘I’m de nitely not gonna stay in [junior college] this long,” says Svirsky. “It’s been a really humbling experience.”

After graduating high school, Svirsky attended San Francisco City Community College.

He played there, though grey shirted his rst year there, meaning his enrollment in classes and participation on the team was postponed until the winter term. His second year, he was redshirted, then got injured.

While simultaneously improving his con dence in the sport, Svirsky’s brother passed away during his time at SFCCC.

Many times after this, Svirsky’s con dence faltered. However, his dedication to his football dream got him through his hardships.

This is Svirsky’s second year playing on De Anza’s football team.

While playing football, he also balances earning a degree in social behavioral sciences, continues to take classes and helps the team before he moves on.

“Football is my dream,” says Svirsky. “I want to be a great player in the National Football League. I don’t want to go to the NFL just to be there.”

His biggest motivation is his mother, who worked to provide for him and his brother as a single mom.

“How could I give less when she works to feed us and gives us her all?” is the question Svirsky asks himself to keep motivation high.

As of now, Svirsky continues to practice daily with the team.

“I’ve passed all my classes. I’ve handled everything I needed to handle. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out how you always see it.”

Despite his long journey through junior college, he aims to grow his skills and as an individual.

He never doubts that his dream is football, demonstrating that the journey toward the life-long dreams include many detours around loss, insecurity and stagnation.