DASB senate to publish newsletter, use time cards next academic year

Mehek Kapur, Staff Reporter

The DASB senate presented goals for the next academic year, including publishing a DASB newsletter, at the June 10 meeting.

“I feel La Voz brings the worst of us to the public, so I feel having our own voices out to the public will be useful for us,” said DASB senator Allison Shevtsov.

“We’re making sure we’re active in having our voices heard and that [the students] are aware of what we’re doing,” said DASB senator Amine El Moznine.

Every year, the annual governance reflection is an open discussion on the senate’s goals within shared governance committees, the missions and values of De Anza and effectively disseminated information.

The DASB senate announced some new plans they hope will help make their processes and goals more transparent. One example of this is a new time card program.

“We’re going to start a time card program to see if we can explore having a computer to log into to show we’re in and out, to show we’ve been in the office, not just a sign in sheet,” said DASB President Lawrence Su.

The senate plans to continue their work in revamping, removing and adding new committees as necessary.

Some of their primary goals for the 2019-2020 school year involve changing the De Anza mascot, priority registration and stipends for DASB senators, implementing a new mentorship program, forming more collaborations with organizations within De Anza and adding attachments to their meeting agendas in compliance with the Brown Act.

The senate also had an initial discussion on some of the qualities they want to see in the new De Anza president to be combined with the faculty’s ideas.

“The president should be bold and ready to take far more action than implemental administrative changes, and should be able to solve the issues facing it,” El Moznine said.

The senate also wants the new president to value the opinions and actions of the DASB senate more.

“We need to make sure this individual can follow the rules and act in student interest,” Su said. “DASB senate meetings should be a priority for administration and the president. The president should realize DASB matters and actually listen to us.”