DASB candidates discuss goals if elected in forum and debate


Mathew Bejarano

Candidates meet on Zoom in forum and debate

De Anza Student Body candidates reflected on their ambitions in a candidates’ forum and presidential debate on Feb. 24.

The three candidates running for DASB President are Khoa-Nathan Ngo, Anahi Ruvalcaba and Eduardo S. Ovelar Blanco.

Ngo, a current senator of the DASB, said his platform is centered around understanding how the pandemic has affected De Anza and rebuilding the community in a post-pandemic world.

“One main way we aim to tackle the issue of inequity and basic needs is by reversing our budget decline,” Ngo said. “Shifting all of our focus towards fundraising, raising money and increasing access to basic needs are really the core of my campaign.”

Ruvalcaba said that she aims to increase equity.

“My message is that I want to give everyone a voice,” Ruvalcaba said. “We care about accessible internet, food insecurity, homeless, we want to tackle everything we want to give everyone who needs a stool an uplift.”

The vice president candidates both said they were qualified to represent the DASB.

“I have the knowledge and as well as past experience in serving in international student government,” said Syed, running mate with Ngo. “I think I have the qualifications and the ability to lead.”

Morales, vice presidential candidate for Ruvalcaba, said her qualifications come from her cultural background.

“I think something that brings a lot of value is our experience as people,” Morales said. “Living as first-generation (and) having immigrant parents is something you can’t just learn.”

Ovelar Blanco did not attend the presidential debate.

The two candidates running for Chair of Flea Market, Nicole Howard and Justin Toh, spoke about their goals for the now online flea market.

“My plan so far is to work with clubs that specialize in computing, for example Women in Computer Science and the Developers’ Guild to help turn the current online flea market into more than just a directory,” Toh said.

Howard said she would work on marketing.

“Even if the flea market will not be opening soon, I will keep focusing on the marketing and providing vendors with the best help to advertise for their businesses during the pandemic,” Howard said.

Other measures on the ballot include a new Chair of Finance, Chair of Student Services and Feedback, Chair of Equity and Diversity, and 17 new senators.

A proposal to change the DASB name to De Anza Student Government is also on the ballot, in an effort to make it clear to students that the organization is a student government.

The elections will end on Friday March 5th at 4 p.m. Click here to cast your vote.