Record breaking amount of DASB applications, the pressure is on

Yami Sun, Staff Reporter

Almost 30 candidates submitted an application for DASB senate’s midterm election, making it an all-time high, said the senate’s legislative affairs officer on Wednesday, Nov. 14.

“If you want to be successful, you’re going to make sure you’re prepared. No excuses.” said legislative affairs officer, Lawrence Su, 18, political science major.

“You make that decision. It’s your initiative to go out there and find the answers.”

Each senator is expected to read every application. The candidates’ essays and test scores will be looked at, but senators are not going to vote based on just the application. That’s where the questioning and the statements come in, Su said.

In the Nov. 28 meeting, the candidates for the midterm election will officially have two minutes for opening statements, eight minutes to speak and to respond to questions and one minute for closing statement.

The senate highly encourages all applicants to attend at least one informational session, Su said.

Candidate Chris Lai, 18, mechanical engineering major said, he always had passion to try and make change. Some issues he addressed were the badminton club not being able to book the main gym because of time crash and allowing Youtube on De Anza’s Wi-fi because it’s the main resource of study materials.

The hardest parts of the election for him are the essay about why they want to join DASB senate, and the referrals from professors or supervisors instead of friends or family members.

He said the ultimate goal is to improve De Anza so that it would be better for all students. It is about making De Anza better than yesterday, Lai said.