DASB senate mulls replacing ‘The Don’

Johanna Berntsson, Staff Reporter

Graphic by Stephanie Lam
The DASB senate is looking into replacing the Don, according to DASB senator Allison Shevtsov.

According to Shevtsov, ‘The Don’, which is the current mascot of De Anza, is a symbol that makes some people uncomfortable due to the history of the conquistadors.

“It makes sense because our school has like a Spanish flair”, Shevtsov said, “but the conquistadors don’t have the best reputation.”

At the Oct. 17 senate meeting, Shevtov and DASB senator Lawrence Su presented possible alternatives to the mascot. Ducks, eagles and dragons were the most popular in a vote by senate members and observers. Also discussed were dragons, devils and bulls.

“The most important part of the change is that the student should be involved,” said Shevtsov. She said she also presented two options of how students can be involved.

For the first option, the senate will encourage students to submit their own ideas with a quick sketch of the new mascot and its name. Senators will then have the senators vote on the suggestions.The person who comes up with the winning idea will get some form of prize.

For the second option, the senate would pick four to five suggestions and have the students vote on these.

Shevtsov said she wants to have a mascot that is more inclusive, and helps to increase the school’s spirit.

The Don, has been around since De Anza College was founded in 1967.

This is not the first time that a change of the school mascot has been discussed at De Anza,it has been a topic, with the involvement of former De Anza President Brian Murphy, for almost a decade.