Sleepio: More work than ZZZs?


Diana San Juan, Staff Reporter

Sleepio is a 3.5 rated sleep improvement app that, according to the iPhone app store, promises to help you fall asleep 50 percent  faster, reduce time spent awake at night by up to 60 percent and boost daytime energy by up to 50 percent.

For those De Anza College students who have children or jobs on top of taking college courses, sleep deprivation can be so common it has become unnoticeable. Sleepio seems like the perfect solution.

When you open the app, you are automatically starting your free seven day trial, which then becomes $149 for 12 weeks.

You must first create a sleep profile with the help of Le Profe, an animated man wearing a suit and tie who helps determine what areas of your everyday life are affecting your sleep.

There are about 10 questions per section, including what kind of troubles you have sleeping, how many days a week you have these troubles and what you think about while laying in bed; all of these are narrated by Le Profe.

Once your profile is complete, you are graded in three criteria: thoughts, lifestyle and schedule, as well as your overall sleep score.

When ready to sleep, Le Profe is back and suggesting a series of thoughts and mechanisms to help you fall asleep, each witth different levels of difficulty.

Le Profe recommends anything from keeping all lights off at night to making sure you only sleep a certain number of hours
every night.

Sleepio helped me determine exactly what kind of issues might be negatively affecting my sleeping schedule. But, it did not put me to sleep the way I thought it would after reading the app descriptions and answering all the determining questions and promising statistics.

I expected to be having the best sleep of my life, but Sleepio seemed to be more work than reward.