“Photomath” makes math homework fun and easy


Diana San Juan, staff writer

Imagine living in a world where solving math problems is no longer a tedious task, no matter how mathematically challenged you
may be.

Rated at four stars, “PhotoMath” is a new app that uses your phone’s camera to scan a math problem and solve it for you in a matter of seconds.

As you open the app, there are four red brackets that fit every corner of the problem you are trying to solve. The app recognizes the problem and lists the answer at the bottom of the screen.

Not only does “PhotoMath” give you the correct answer to your problem, you also have the option of it listing the steps that get you there.

Though this may be the greatest creation yet, it has a downside. Once your phone recognizes the problem you are trying to solve, the answer pops up in a matter of seconds. However, getting it to actually recognize the numbers and signs is not as easy.

“PhotoMath” can solve basic arithmetic, fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations and several functions like logarithms. Though college level math is not yet recognizable, new math is constantly being added.

Hand printed text is not supported, however printed text such as in a textbook or a worksheet works just fine.

According to the Apple App Store it is like having a “math teacher in your pocket.” I think of it more as an answer page that you can find in the back of a textbook.

Though it does list a series of steps, they are only shown in number form. They are not written out or with voice enhancements so it is up to the user to figure it out themselves by just looking at a bunch of color coordinated numbers.

According to Indian TV Network, NOTV, PhotoMath is the top free iOS app in a few countries. Though the idea behind this is genious, people shouldn’t depend on it to solve all of their mathematical matters. It is great for checking your homework, not learning math.