California History Centers 50th Anniversary

Alex Woolner, Staff Reporter

Traditional Japanese calligraphy was illuminated with augmented reality and displayed as the main art piece to celebrate the California History Center’s 50th anniversary at “Taste of History,” a joint benefit between the CHC and the Euphrat Art Museum on Oct. 26, Saturday.

Internationally known artists Tamiko and Midori Kono Thiel presented a live demonstration of their art in front of the guests gathered at the benefit. Tamiko Thiel constructed the augmented reality, while Midori Kono Thiel, a master calligraphist, provided the calligraphy.

The CHC and the Euphrat host this event annually as a fundraiser. All of the proceeds are split evenly between the Euphrat Museum of Art and the CHC. The CHC is completely reliant on fundraising and donations to fund itself.

I want to make sure it stays in operation,

— Tom Izu, CHC executive director

The CHC offers a university level archive to the students, staff and the community, where they can access student research papers, oral histories, photographs and periodicals from the past.

“Very few community colleges have something like this,” said Tom Izu, the executive director of the CHC.

The CHC also organizes events for the community, such as the Day of Remembrance, where people from Japanese internment camps are remembered and recognized.

Lisa Christianson, the CHC librarian, believes that these other programs make the CHC valuable to the community.

“I think that the library and archives, as important as they are, are just a part of this multifaceted program,” Christianson said. “If you diminish one program, the others will suffer.”

Izu believes that these events, and the services that the CHC provides makes it valuable to the community.

“I want to make sure it stays in operation on the campus, that students and community members can use [it], that’s very important,” Izu said.