Mextizo brings flavorful Veracruz inspired dishes to Westgate Center in San Jose


Andrea Infante

Traditional asada tacos from Mexitzo at Westgate Center.

Andrea Infante, Reporter

Imagine date night with live Spanish music, an assortment of cocktails and birria tacos in a spacious chic spot, or family brunch with mimosas to accompany a scramble and churros French toast. 

Mextizo offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, so whether you are in the mood to have a traditional breakfast Mexican dish such as chilaquiles rojos or want to grab cocktails and wine at a nice bar in West San Jose, Mextizo is one of few options in the area that offers that dining experience.

The chips and salsa at Mextizo.

Many may not know that Mextizo used to be a new American Mediterranean cuisine restaurant, The Blue Door, until it closed its doors in 2020 due to the pandemic and food costs. 

Slyvia Foundas, owner of Mextizo, said executive chef Everardo Andrade, who she has worked alongside since 2017 had a menu in mind, and both decided to switch over to a Veracruz-inspired menu.

Upon entry, you see the host stand to your left and the large bar to the right, with surrounding gray lounge chairs, tables, and booths scattered around the spacious restaurant. Reggaeton music played throughout the entire restaurant. 

There was no one at the host stand to greet but only a few seconds after walking in, a server or host approached, asked if we’d like to sit inside or outside — since they also have spacious shaded outdoor seating — and guided us to our seat with menus in hand.

I really enjoy when Mexican restaurants give out complimentary chips and salsa, it’s a nice touch and even better when the chips taste authentic, which Mextizo’s does. They give you a green and red salsa, both ‌mild. 

It was a warm day out so we started out with the costa verde ceviche, cod fish marinated in citrus and green herbs with cut avocado and cucumber, topped with radish. The serving size of the appetizer was a good portion for two to three people. The cod fish was well marinated and a great starter as someone who is a fan of ceviche. 

For drinks I ordered their only two different kinds of aguas frescas, watermelon and horchata. The horchata tasted thick and sweet, while the watermelon agua fresca was lighter and refreshing. 

The chicken nachos from Mextizo.

The chicken nachos came shortly after getting our drinks, and they tasted like a melted cheese dream. Topped with pico de gallo, black beans, jalapeno cheese sauce, guacamole, sour cream, and grilled chicken that had a hint of lemon. 

For entrées we shared the traditional asada taco platter, which came with three handmade tortilla tacos, choice of pinto, charro, or black beans, and topped with guacamole and green onion. On the side there are beans and two salsas. The steak was well cooked, with no overpowering taste, and complemented the fresh tortillas and guacamole well. 

Foundas said that some of their best dishes include the barbacoa and mole, and that people have driven as far as two hours out for it. 

“I think our barbacoa is very unique. We have a lot of people that come back for it and often think our mole is very unique because the chef is from Veracruz which is the Gulf side, and so it has an afro Cuban influence so the spices are different,” Foundas said.   

Their dessert menu has a total of six options to choose from: cake, churros, flan, and ice cream. They have sorbet and ice cream of the day, and that day was mango for their sorbet flavor. The mango sorbet was almost like a marigold shade of yellow and tasted like pure sweet mango. 

You see a mix of medium sized groups grabbing drinks, couples, or small families here and has a modern chic and welcoming ambiance. 

The watermelon agua fresca.

One great feature Mextizo has is their live music on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in the evenings. They have different groups come and play inside the restaurant, often Latin guitar music and salsa. 

Foundas said that she thinks Mextizo’s good quality food and ambiance is what makes it unique from other similar restaurants. 

“I think here you get a good value, good quality food in a really nice ambiance with music,” Foundas said. “So I think it’s more of a value. People want to feel like they’re going out, they want to enjoy their whole experience.”

Mextizo is a spot that I can see myself returning to. With their modern spacious indoor and outdoor environment, great flavorful food, drinks and good music, I can see myself coming with friends or family for any meal of the day, as they offer it all. 

This is a spot everyone should visit at least once for their plentiful menus and pleasant ambience.