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3 free at-home exercise channels to keep you fit during the pandemic

Image by Irina L

Caden Zhao, Reporter

June 4, 2020

In the time of lockdown and physical restraint, it’s even more important to keep your body active and healthy at home.  I recommend three channels that are doable and heavy equipment-free - at most a mat is required.  Yoga With Adriene: 5 out of 5 stars With 7 million subscribers, “Yoga With Adrie...

Got a break between classes? Try these tips to pass the time

Leticia Castro

March 4, 2014

Going from class to class while juggling homework and work, busy college students hardly have any time to think about staying in shape and getting daily exercise. “I only have a few minutes between my classes and I do homework when I have time, not exercise,” said Michael Lopez, 19, business major. Daily...