Taking a walk is time-consuming but worth it

I took a walk every evening for a few days, boosting my mood and relieving stress.

Although I’ve always heard that walks are good for your mental and physical health, I didn’t buy into it.

My partner and I both have very busy schedules, and we just like to relax when we get home at the end of the day. So, it was a bit of a struggle to commit to taking daily walks.

The first day we were really motivated: we took a 30-minute walk, and it was a nice stress-reliever.

Neither of us used our phones on the walk — we simply enjoyed each other’s company and talked about our days. It was nice to catch up with him after working for so long.

Because we were exhausted from our physically strenuous jobs, we were less motivated on the second and third days.

We still stuck to it and the outcome was the same: we felt better afterwards.

We also noticed that we slept very well the nights following our walks. I think we were a bit more worn out from getting a few thousand more steps in.
It was difficult to work the walks into our schedules sometimes, but there weren’t any drawbacks from taking them. We’ll still try and take walks every now and again.

I do think that we’ll continue to go on a walk at least once a week.