Hiking in the Bay Area: A Beautiful Way to Stay Active

Staying active is important, especially as the pandemic restricts your movement. Hiking is a great way to do so, exploring nature and enjoying beautiful views.

Different hiking trails offer different viewpoints and difficulties, so you can tailor your climb to your needs.

These include Mission Peak in Fremont, Mt. Madonna in Watsonville, and Fremont Peak in San Juan Bautista.

Jordan Soto

1. Mt. Madonna (Watsonville)

Mt. Madonna offers different trails, like a relaxing forest trail surrounded by trees or a somewhat flat one that allows a peaceful walk.

One of the trails provides an uphill incline workout that takes you to the ruins of the summer home of Henry Miller, who owned 1 million acres of land and 1 million head of cattle.

“It’s a peaceful and good workout,” said Isaiah Barajas, 21. “I also did it with friends so that definitely helped my experience.”

In the middle of the hike, you enjoy a picturesque viewpoint.

“I would 100% recommend this trail to anyone looking to hike and get out of the house.” Barajas added.

Jordan Soto

2. Fremont Peak (San Juan Bautista)

Fremont Peak is an inclined hike which allows for rock-climbing as you reach the top.

It offers a viewpoint that oversees Salinas Valley and the coast: Monterey Bay and Santa Cruz.

“I love hiking at Fremont Peak because of the view at the very top.” said John Lopez, 24, radiology major at Gavilan College. “Running up it is pretty fun too.”

Although the hike is challenging, it doesn’t stop people conquering the top.

“I would recommend (this hike) to others because the view is priceless,” said Lopez. “It really makes you stay and admire it for a while and just take it all in.”

Jordan Soto

3. Mission Peak in Fremont

Mission Peak is another inclined and challenging workout. You put your legs to the test, working your calves and thighs.

“I enjoy the challenge of the climb and how rewarding the view is at the top,” said Lizzy Garcia, 23, a graphics design major at the University of Antelope Valley.

Garcia said the hike is challenging but doable.

“It’s very unique (compared) to other hiking trails I’ve done,” she said. “I would like to show this trail to other friends.”

Garcia said it’s taken her about two and a half hours to hike the trail.

The rocky top of the mountain is an area to relax and take pictures. When looking on the other side of the peak, there’s a remarkable view of hills and a valley.

Whichever trail you choose, the hike will be a rewarding workout.