Caffe Frescati: A good study hub, hangout


Betsy Meeker

Student enjoys the atmosphere at Caffe Frescati

Michelle Bounkousohn, Staff Writer

Caffe Frascati, in downtown San Jose’s artsy South First street area, is a unique coffee bar and eatery where students can study, hang out and enjoy live events.

The cafe features ample seating with tables available on the main floor, upper mezzanine with outside seating. The upper mezzanine is a popular study nook for local students. With De Anza College a 15-minute drive or a bus ride away, and San Jose State University located just three blocks to the east.

Modeled after traditional Italian expresso bars, Caffe Frascati’s menu offers your standard caffe with mochas, lattes and cappuccinos.In addition there are a variety of juices, wines, beers, paninis, pastries, salads,breakfast sandwiches being served all day.

“The cafe offers live events and a traditional atmosphere, but this really isn’t your typical Bay Area cafe,” said Brandon McCarthy, Caffe Frascati barista. “Sure, there are people who come in here with their laptops to study or work, but we get plenty of customers who come here just to talk to each other.”

The South First Area, also known as SoFA, is known for showcasing visual arts and entertainment, and Caffe Frascati doubles as a venue for local art and music.

“I fell in love with this cafe after my first visit,” said De Anza student Jaymar Hardesty, 20, undecided major. “Despite the intimate space, they even feature live performances on some nights!”

The cafe’s walls feature paintings and photographs from local artists and musicians can often be spotted jamming on the tables outside or performing in Tuesday’s open mic nights.

Every Tuesday at 8 p.m., Caffe Frascati’s signature open mic nights feature performances from local musicians, poets, stand-up comedians and more.

On other nights, Caffe Frascati features a variety of live music, with live samba, bossanova, jazz, opera and Celtic music scheduled to perform.

Located on 315 S First Street in downtown San Jose, Caffe Frascati is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays, with special hours of operation on weekends.