Jazz Band Keeps Spirits High On Mellow Wednesday

Susan Garcia, Staff Reporter

Mellow Wednesday, a jazz event held at the campus center patio stage on Sept. 24, was a huge success. The jazz band showed up at De Anza bursting with energy.

Students came from all over campus got sucked in to the music as the band started covering pop songs from Justin Timberlake to Bruno Mars. Students couldn’t help but stop whatever they were doing, watch the band, and let themselves fall into the beat of ther music.

“The band is wonderful, lots of soul and funk; they look so professional and the combo of Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson music was perfect, the band was contagious,” said computer science major Oshadhi Jayasuriya, just one of the many students engrossed in the jazz performance.

“I was impressed and surprised that De Anza would host a live band, the fusion jazz caught my eye, and the keyboard player was amazing, it was just a great performance; I picture myself being on stage, great atmosphere,” stated biology major Brendan Nforbi.

When “Nothing on You” by Bruno Mars came out, couples were enjoying a romantic moment, some were sitting and they would just hug and sing along, others would walk holding hands towards the center.

Each student showed their own way of enjoying the event. Students sitting eating their lunch moved their feet to the beat; others actually got up and rocked out. Everyone was singing along to their favorite jams.

The band kept their spirits high the entire performance creating a great environment for the students. “…we thought it would be pretty cool to cover pop songs for the students, songs that they know and everyone was into it. The more we saw the students got into it, the more energy we put in, too. I just think this was the soundtrack of their evening. Music can make your day anytime and today was great,” stated lead Singer Isaiah. The performance seemed to be a hit with all students clapping at the end and many students walking up to the band to let them know how good they were.