Men’s basketball fighting uphill battle to make playoffs

Julia Kolman, Staff Reporter

De Anza College Men’s Basketball team approaches prospective playoffs with a score of 0-3 in the league as of Jan. 18.

Despite the team’s current standing of 8-11, head coach Jason Damjanovik remains upbeat thanks to a prosperous preseason and the strong forms of several key players.    

“You always want more. You always want to be better,” said Damjanovik. “However, we played a brilliant preseason.”

To advance into playoffs, Damjanovik anticipates the team will need to win the remainder of their games in the conference but has his hopes for success, pointing to areas of needed improvement.

“In order to be successful throughout the remainder of the season, we need to focus on our defense and rebounding,” said Damjanovik.    

Blake Uyehara, 20, computer science major, believes the team is improving together, crediting the coaching staff for their assistance with the team’s developments.    

“The coaches are really great. They prepare us well for games,” said Uyehara.    

Like their head coach, several players said they were fully focused on their goal of making the playoffs for the season.    

Ajay Singh, 20, finance major, believes the team needs to focus throughout the remaining games, despite their losses so far.    

“Right now, we are struggling. We have to get back on track and hope for the playoffs,” said Singh.    

Singh currently ranks second in scoring, first in total points, and first in total field goals in the state.    

Darien Davis, 20, communications major, also shares a similar hope in advancing this season.    

“I want to make the playoffs and win the conference, hopefully,” said Davis. “Right now, it looks like we have to win the rest of our games to do that.”