Brand new water polo team made it to championships

Stephanie Lam, Campus Beat Editor

Women’s water polo finished in sixth place and men’s water polo finished in fourth place in the Coast Conference Championship Tournament.

The biggest highlight of the women’s season was their final game against Community College of San Francisco for the sixth place title, according to head coach for men’s and women’s water polo Danielle Altman.

“We won the game by one goal in the last 10 seconds of the game. The players played to the best of their abilities and even above winning, it was just seeing those women reach their potential,” Altman said.

The team also improved on its defense, allowing them to create more offense plays during games. This season consisted of 14 players which Altman said was double the number of players last season.

For the men’s team, Altman said that the highlight of the season was witnessing the overall improvement of the team. Only one out of the 19 players on the team was a returning player. The majority of the team had never played water polo prior to joining, and came from either a swimming, wrestling or baseball background.

“The team really developed within themselves, they pushed each other in the pool and that was really neat to see,” Altman said. “That doesn’t happen on teams very often, where they’re able to push themselves like that.”