Sanders’ commitment to equity, progress trumps all


Julia Kolman, Guest Contributor

The United States is in need of immediate policy change, and the only candidate fit to deliver such progress is Senator Bernie Sanders. No other Democratic presidential candidate has matched Sanders’ consistent commitment to equity and progress.

Sanders supports policies benefiting the working-class, including raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, free college tuition, and universal health care, with more ardor than any of his opponents. In 2015, Sanders vowed to not accept superPAC money, truly demonstrating that his campaign is for the working-class, created by the working-class.

In 1971, Sanders joined the democratic socialist party, the Liberty Union Party, which opposed the Vietnam War. He left the party after their inactivity and has remained an independent and self-described socialist since.

And don’t fear the term “socialist.” Sanders doesn’t wish to bring about a communist regime to the country, but rather nourish a government that serves all people, through universal health care, distribution of wealth, and policies benefiting the working-class, elderly, and students.

Voters need to focus on Sanders’ policies rather than his political affiliation. He favors policies benefiting you, the ordinary citizen, and represents the values of the Democratic party, which makes him the most viable candidate.

Unlike other candidates, who have switched political parties or only recently joined politics, Sanders has held consistent progressive views.

He participated in the 1960s March on Washington, introduced a global warming reduction act in 2007, voted against partial-birth abortion ban in 2003, and advocated to abolish anti-LGBT laws in the 1970s.

Sanders isn’t just trying to appeal to voters. He truly strives, and has for over 40 years, for a more equitable nation.

Every person deserves an equal chance for success, and the only way to promote such equity is through initiatives supporting the working-class. Sanders’ commitment to raising the minimum wage, providing Medicare for all, and offering affordable college education proves that he is the best candidate for the people.

Sanders’ consistent political background and commitment to equity prove that he is the best candidate to run in the presidential election, and ultimately, defeat President Donald Trump. Sanders will orchestrate the pressing change the United States needs.