Alt-right newsgroup on Facebook is unacceptable, hateful

Michelle Memoly, Staff Reporter

What people write says a lot about who they are and recently, Facebook has given a new platform to a hateful group that will further broadcast their unacceptable words.

I heavily support freedom of speech for all. At the very base of things, I am able to understand I will never be able to control what others say. That being said, I do hold people accountable for enabling hateful speech to be more wide-spread among the media.

A lot of people say words mean nothing and actions mean more, but I think both hold a rather high meaning, especially when put together.

Facebook has allowed an alt-right news source called Breitbart to join their news tab.

This tab’s purpose was to bring high-quality journalism to Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg told the Washington Post that Facebook “is a space that is dedicated to high-quality and curated news,” which differs from their usual brand of allowing everyday people to voice their opinions. This part of Facebook was supposedly carefully crafted to give the consumer the best news they can get.

Instead, they were found out for giving Breitbart a slot. According to Slate, Breitbart has published headlines that read “Bill Kristol: Republican Spoiler, Renegade Jew” and “Birth control makes women unattractive and crazy.”

These headlines are not acceptable. They are racist, misogynistic and outright hateful. Even with these headlines, Facebook has still chosen to give them a place in their news tab which is unacceptable.

Before anyone acts out we need to realize that there is nothing permitting them from doing this.

This is a country based on freedom and that includes freedom of speech. People are allowed to say whatever it is they want to say and we cannot take that away from them.

I suggest a different approach in which we don’t click on their links and avoid going on Facebook. Anyone that does not support such speech should stay away from Breitbart.

By giving them attention and going on their website we are only helping them, so stepping away will damage their ratings and plummet their income and popularity.