Budget Advisory Committee funds salaries for four positions on campus


Kritika Sharma

Budget Advisory Committee members discussed funding of vacant staff positions during a Zoom meeting on Jan. 26.

Kritika Sharma

The Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) reallocated funding toward three vacant nursing positions and a new automotive technology faculty director position during their meeting on Jan. 26. 

The nursing position vacancies resulted from three retirements, and the faculty director position is an important part of making the automotive technology bachelor’s degree available to students. Faculty Association President Tim Shively emphasized the importance of paying those positions. 

“Otherwise we (will have to) eliminate the nursing department and we won’t have a bachelor’s program,” Shively said. 

Initially, 20% of the salary for these three nursing positions was being paid with Fund 14 and 80% was being paid through the Strong Workforce Program (SWP). Pam Grey, the vice president of administrative services, explained why the salaries were split between Fund 14 and SWP.  

“When you’re faced with the decision of programs being eliminated or people being laid off, you get creative with how you fund these issues,” Grey said. “I’m hoping that everyone on the screen realizes that these four positions are extremely important.” 

Vins Chacko, the vice president of the Association of Classified Employees, explained that Fund 14 and General Fund money are the same. 

“They are unrestricted funds not linked to any specific services or purchase,” wrote Chacko in an email. “They are mainly used for operations and salaries.”  

On the other hand, SWP is an example of categorical funds, or restricted funds, that are allocated toward supporting students in Career Technical Education programs. 

However, Chacko explained that because of grant restrictions, regular full-time faculty salaries cannot be paid through SWP. 

“SWP is a grant that can stop at any time or may have changes to it at any time too,” Chacko wrote in an email. 

Academic Senate President Cheryl Jaeger Balm added to the discussion regarding how to pay those salaries. 

“It’s got to come from somewhere and the General Fund is the right place in this case,” said Balm.

After further discussion between members, the BAC moved in favor of paying 100% of the salaries for these positions through Fund 14. 

The budget advisory committee plans to continue the discussion on budgeting in future meetings.