Chau Le

Empty bookshelves are driving De Anza College students across the street and online to procure their textbooks this quarter.

A combination of East Coast ice storms, winter holidays, and bugs in the Banner online accounting system have left students in short supply, but the bookstore is determined to get them their books.

“We’re doing the best we can and want students to get their books as fast as possible,” said Bookstore director Kelly Swanson, who is placing “special order” tags on empty shelves, where students can take the tag to the register and have the book ordered by staff.

The Bookstore receives a majority of its books from East Coast publishers, and delayed shipments due to hazardous conditions were not discovered until staff returned from the winter break.

In addition, the Banner system’s off scheduling caused orders to fall through, another issue staff did not realize until the start of the quarter when certain orders still hadn’t arrived.

Student employees are feeling the pressure.

“We are trying to meet these challenges the best way we can and get students their books,” said employee Elizabeth Jahn.

Fortunately, the De Anza community is patient: “If they don’t have it, I’ll just try online,” said student Henry Vo.

There are alternatives. Students can go to Premier bookstore, located across Stevens Creek Boulevard from the De Anza campus, if they can’t find it at the De Anza Bookstore.

While the Bookstore is short on certain textbooks this quarter, the staff is doing everything possible. In the meantime, students have found other resources to solve their book needs.