Few games, no touchpad


Abraham Abundis, Staff Reporter

The video-game question on most people’s minds is: PS4 or Xbox One?

The PS4 is a console aimed towards gaming, while the Xbox One aims to be an all-in-one entertainment center that hooks up to cable boxes.

I chose the PS4 over the Xbox One.

There are some aspects I like about it, but some aspects that can be improved.

The most appealing fact about the PS4 is the price point.

The PS4 is currently priced at $399, while the Xbox One comes with a mandatory camera that adds another hundred dollars, making the Xbox $499.

The PS4 isn’t shaped like a rectangular box the shape tech companies usually go for.

The console is slanted like an eraser and is available in an all-black glossy or matte finish.

The software is an improvement from the PS3 and comes with a simple user interface and extra features.

My favorite addition is the ability to join games simply by going to a friend’s profile.

Joining games is especially useful in games like Call of Duty.

The controller is eye catching and comfortable to hold.

Its comfort helps those players who hold their controllers for hours.

The PS4 controller has the same Playstation controller layout people are used to.

But this time it is stretched out, has grip on the sides, includes a light bar, a share button which allows you to quickly upload a video clip to Facebook, and a touch pad.

Many controllers don’t implement the touch pad during gameplay.

The PS4 allows for more possibilities during game play.

Game developers can use touch pads in their games in to simulate cycling through weapons rapidly, first person shooters, or depicting accurate shots in a sports game.

The PS4 and Xbox One come with very small game libraries because not too many games have been developed for these new consoles.

Because of this I think it would be a smarter idea if more people waited before purchasing a new console.

There’s no rush to pick one up.

Waiting can help people make a better decision depending on which games they’d like to play.