EcoFund project opens to students, faculty

Stephanie Lam, Campus Beat Editor

The DASB Environmental Sustainability Committee will be accepting project proposals for EcoFund until Nov. 8. Selected projects will be given grants of up to $5000.

In the past, EcoFund has paid for projects such as Monarch Butterfly Garden and sustainable clothing swap. According to chair of enviornmental sustainability Takuto Ueda, around five to 10 applications are submitted each year to Ecofund.

The EcoFund itself is,“supported by student fees and administered through the DASB senate,” according to the DASB EcoFund Code. De Anza students, faculty, staff and organizations can submit a proposal anytime during the year.The proposals are reviewed by the DASB environmental sustainability committee, DASB senate and Finance Committee during certain days of the quarter

 “We [as a committee]  talk about campus issues and talk with campus facilities but I still feel like we don’t have enough people voice to include campus environment,” Ueda said. “I would like to have more and more people speak up their ideas their concerns on De Anza campus environment so more people will like and love the campus.”

The DASB senate voted at its Oct. 31 meeting to approve amendments to the EcoFund code. Any DASB senator or intern who applies for the Ecofund cannot review nor vote on the proposals. The reason, according to Ueda, is to avoid any bias in the Ecofund project selection process.