Photographic installation: Photographer captures ordinary objects

Mehek Kapur, Staff Reporter

Student photographer Matthew Fernandez, 23, professional photography major, won a Juror’s Choice Award for a photographic installation in a student exhibition in the Euphrat Museum last week.

“Trash Business” is a reflection of close observations most choose to ignore. Fernandez’s creation was inspired by street photography.

“I turned my attention to looking down while photographing the streets,” Fernandez said. “And the more I looked down, the more I saw material nobody else was seeing.”

Fernandez said he hopes his work sheds light on modern consumption and how easily discardable things seem. His display includes many photo prints inside a trash can, to show that even they could be considered easily disposable.

“‘Trash Business’ is meant to help people see things invisible to them,” Fernandez said. “I think we really see what we want to see, but I’d like for people to see what I see. I’d like people who see it to be aware of what’s used and left behind as we consume.”

Fernandez developed an interest in photography through a class he took at De Anza College.

“I took one (PHTG 1) class, and it changed my life,” said Fernandez. “It really helped me see the world in a new way.”

Fernandez said he has been captivated by his craft ever since, with ideas constantly running through his head.

“I want to just run with them, but for now, I think I’ll be working with ‘Trash Business’ until I’ve achieved what I was hoping to,” said Fernandez. “I think I’ll be sticking with the theme of trash for quite a while.”