Spring DASB President hopes to enact anti-fraternization, senator compensation policies

Mehek Kapur, Staff Reporter

Lawrence Su said he had a passion for helping the community grow and improve through the DASB senate since he first came to De Anza College, something he intends to continue doing as the interim DASB president.

Su said he decided to join the DASB senate because, “senators said they needed people to help bring the institution back on its feet,” Su said.

Su said he has made student involvement in local politics and events a priority during his more than a year of service in the DASB senate.

One of the things Su said he plans to focus on during his presidency is to help implement AB 302, a bill that allows overnight parking for homeless students.

“We want to make sure De Anza is the first school to implement (AB 302) and try to serve as a model for other colleges,” said Su.  

He also wants to help implement the anti-fraternization policy, recently passed for California community colleges, and try to create compensation for student leaders.

“There are few benefits for us, which is why (DASB senate) has such a high turnover rate,” said Su. “People are more prone to burnout since they’re not being compensated, and when you lose leadership, you lose institutional memory and the ability to get things done.”

He said he also aims to lessen the number of cancelled classes on campus and to hold staff more accountable for their work.

“We want to remind many departments that they’re meant to evaluate professors once every two to three years,” Su said. “We want to make sure they’re happening, and that they’re given more often.”

Overall, Su said he hopes to improve student engagement and participation across campus, within student government and for on-campus events.

“There is so much to do beyond taking classes on this campus,” Su said. “And it helps the students grow beyond the classroom.”