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De Anza students change up their living spaces after a year in isolation

Johnny Dang, Reporter | June 14, 2021
People have now been stuck at home in the same living spaces for well over a year. For some De Anza College students, it is time to make some changes.
De Anza as it begins Phase II of its reopening plan.

De Anza students return to campus with excitement

Kevin Nguyen, Reporter | May 22, 2021
After more than 15 months of remote learning, De Anza College students are back on campus for Phase II of De Anza’s campus reopening plan.
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De Anza students remain cautious after being vaccinated

Kat Pursell, Reporter | May 18, 2021
Every California resident 12 and up is now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, which means that all De Anza College students can get vaccinated and return to their pre-pandemic plans.
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The pandemic has ruined the excitement of transferring

Kat Pursell, Reporter | May 18, 2021
During my freshman year at UC Irvine, the U.S. started COVID-19 shut-downs — confusing my already turbulent transfer process.
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Students rejoice as De Anza adds in-person graduation event

Rahul Makhijani, Reporter | May 16, 2021
The De Anza College graduation ceremony now includes an in-person “red carpet grad photo opportunity” between June 15-18.
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High schools should not have reopened

Maida Suta, Reporter | May 7, 2021
Bay Area high schools are going in person for the last weeks of the school year, neglecting both teachers’ and students’ physical and mental health.
You should get your first dose of the vaccine before returning to campus, health staff say

You should get your first dose of the vaccine before returning to campus, health staff say

Teddy Ha, Reporter/ Digital freelancer | May 1, 2021
As De Anza College continues to consider safety concerns in their campus reopening plan, health faculty encouraged students to get the COVID-19 vaccine.
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In-person music festivals are a terrible idea

Jordyn Smith, Reporter | May 1, 2021
One of the largest hip-hop musical festivals has announced it will return in person in July, even though bringing back concerts is unsafe and irresponsible.
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Vaccine passports won’t return us to normalcy

Lianna Vaughan, Reporter | April 30, 2021
Vaccination passports will not accelerate the return to normalcy and will only worsen inequities.

Do students have a vaccine preference?

April 10, 2021
As vaccination for all adults opens up on April 15, De Anza College students are deciding which vaccine provider they prefer. 
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