De Anza students remain cautious after being vaccinated


Source: Pixabay

Every California resident 12 and up is now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, which means that all De Anza College students can get vaccinated and return to their pre-pandemic plans.

Manuel Moya, 22, computer science major, said he plans to return to Brazillian jiu-jitsu and motorcycle racing. Moya has received his first dose and will get his second at the end of May.

“There is practice right now where I go, but it’s more like you go at your own risk,” Moya said. “I’d feel more comfortable if everybody were to get vaccinated.”

Moya added that he hopes that campus will reopen fully so he can resume in-person classes.

“I only went to De Anza one quarter before COVID,” Moya said. “So I didn’t get to have the full De Anza experience.”

But students will still remain cautious. Brittney Tran, a 20-year-old biology major, said she plans to continue following COVID-19 guidelines after she has been fully vaccinated.

“I’m still planning to wear my mask even when things are ‘over,’” Tran said. “I still know that some people are still highly impacted by COVID because of other previous conditions, so I’m just trying to be more careful.”

A student-athlete on De Anza’s soccer team, Tran was recently allowed to return to campus for in-person conditioning classes.

“We haven’t been doing anything as a team; it’s more just like running in your own quadrants and staying in shape,” Tran said. “I’m glad we can do it safely, because I’m a little bit more on the paranoid side.”

Jeffrey Sampson, an 18-year-old journalism major, has already been fully vaccinated, and never planned to change his behavior beforehand.

“My plans were pretty much just playing the game safe and minding my own business,” he said.

Sampson’s only exception to his rule was flying out to see his grandmother in Dallas the week of his second dose, but everyone he saw there was also vaccinated.

“I still wore my mask even though Texas has no mask mandate,” Sampson said. “I still wear my mask either way.”