De Anza students change up their living spaces after a year in isolation


Source: Pixabay

People have now been stuck at home in the same living spaces for well over a year. For some De Anza College students, it is time to make some changes — no matter how small they may be.

Alvin Tu, 20, business economics major, said that though his room has gotten messier from paperwork piling up, nothing has really changed in his living space.

“I spent my time gaming or working on my car, so it has gotten a lot messier.” Tu said. “Before, I was always out and not home often, so the mess didn’t really pile up.”

Larry Le, 20, business economics major, said that he tried to make his room more spacious during the pandemic.

“Even though I was going through the pandemic, I luckily was able to keep my job so I wasn’t home all the time,” Le said. “I just wanted to move my bed and computer desk so it would make my room seem more spacious.”

Rafael Vallejo, 20, psychology major, said that he has added a space in his room for his hobbies, working on his car and their parts all day.

“I just dove into my hobbies when the pandemic started and now my room kind of reflects what I do for most of the day,” Vallejo said. “I was able to add this little station for my hobbies and still have space for my computer and bed.”

Vallejo said that now is the best time for students to change the living spaces in which they have spent so much time during the pandemic.

“Take advantage of the extra time you might have right now because of the pandemic,” Vallejo said. “You might not have all this free time to play around with how your room looks.”