Music App of the year – Youtube Music

Source: Google Play Store

Source: Google Play Store

Rodrigo Gutierrez, Staff Reporter

Youtube Music is the superior music platform out now.

If you put in the decent amount of research you’ll find that Apple, Spotify, Tidal, Soundcloud, and iHeartRadio are pretty much the same app.

They all cost the same, their displays are identical, they have similar deals and prices, they boast large musical libraries and they provide various playlists.

YouTube Music might be the only app that truly stands out of all the other music streaming platforms.

There are two distinctions that make it unique.

One is that they provide the same music videos that are found on their site along with their catalog of music. This includes both artist’s original music videos and fan made videos as well.

The second distinction is that their content isn’t limited to only well-known artist’s original music.

It extends to remixes of songs, underground music and artists who are trying to make a name for themselves.

These remixes aren’t always the typical ones you might find on the radio created by famous producers. They can be made by the up and coming or once again they might be fanmade.

For example, you won’t be able to find the lo-fi version of Chief Keef’s “I Dont Like ” by Zeus Makes Music YouTube channel on any other music platform.

Underground classics from now well-established rappers will be hard to come by. Like Action Brosnan’s debut album Dr Lecter, Flatbush Zombies earlier singles “Thug Waffle” and “Mraz” or A$AP MOB’s “Lords Never Worry” mixtape.

YouTube, for the longest time has been a hub for musicians, who seek to make a better name for themselves in the music industry. Therefore the chance to discover a new and unknown artist or band on YouTube is very high.

This makes discovering new music on the platform a lot more exciting.

The plethora of creative musical content on YouTube is tremendous, and it can be very spontaneous at the same time.

The only issue that YouTube Music has, is that if you are heavily into podcasts this isn’t the app for you.

This is a bit disheartening because the regular YouTube app provides viewers with a wide variety of videos of people’s favorite podcasts, but for some reason this aspect of YouTube hasn’t translated to their music app just yet.

However, those who could care less about podcasts and are flat out music fanatics will love this app.

YouTube Music base price starts $9.99/mo, there is a family plan rate of $14.99/mo and a student plan that is $4.99/mo.

Other streaming apps have similar prices, so with this many options go out and explore them.

Take advantage of the free trials these streaming services provide, and find which one best suits you.

Just remember to cancel any subscription you don’t plan on committing to, before you get charged for them.