Starbucks: Too much inconvenience for nothing special


Hina Ahmed, Staff Writer

If you want to deal with inexperienced baristas, astronomical prices and confusing drink sizes, all to buy an average tasting coffee, go to Starbucks.

If it is your first time at Starbucks, the system will be baffling.

Instead of using the standard sizes ­— small, medium, and large ­— Starbucks uses tall, grande and venti.

At any other coffee chain, all of these names mean large. At Starbucks they seem to mean small, slightly bigger than small, and huge. The portions require fixing.

Following customer instructions does not seem to be part of a Starbucks’s employee’s job description.

If you ask for light ice in your drink, the barista will fill the cup with ice. You won’t fully enjoy your drink because the melting ice washes the flavor away.

Starbucks employees are bright and cheerful and always ask for your name. Then they seem to forget it and make up a name that sort of sounds like the one you gave them.

They don’t ask you to remind them what your name is.

This amnesia slows customers down. If you stop at Starbucks before class you might still be late because you will stand around for 15 minutes before you realize the barista was calling the name he or she thought you gave.

The bucks part of Starbucks is accurate.

If you walk in to buy your morning coffee, you will leave at least $4 poorer every day. You can make better coffee at home for a tenth of the cost.

There is a lack of organization between separate Starbucks locations.

In theory, the company has a secret menu that you can order from, but half of the time the employee denies the secret menu exists.

While you may occasionally have a positive experience at Starbucks, most of your visits will require you to endure a multitude of inconveniences for a subpar cup of coffee.