Coca-cola commercial draws fire

Tweets show xenophobic dark side to America

Coca-cola commercial draws fire

Mark Aquino

A new trend is sweeping across Twitter in a brave effort to boycott Coca-Cola products.

The recent Coca-Cola commercial, aired during the Super Bowl XLVIII, portrayed a range of Americans with differing racial backgrounds singing “America the Beautiful” in several languages.

Shortly after the Superbowl, @runlong01 tweeted, “I will never drink another Coke product as long as I live.”

Boycotting Coca-Cola for a commercial depicting racial diversity in America is an immature  response by tweeters.

In another tweet, @thebetternowlen wrote “After singing ‘America The Beautiful’ in languages other than English, my boycott of coke starts today #pepsi #communists #fuckyoucoke.”

Society is becoming progressively more toxic regarding ideas and events that should be embraced across the country.

The United States is built on the idea that anyone, regardless of race, culture or class, can pursue the American dream and be acccepted by society. Those who are ignorant to the reform and change facing social issues must release their old-fashioned traditions which are now outdated.

What people fail to understand is that America was and is built on a platform of diversity and freedom for all cultures and races.

Furthermore, tweeters neglect to realize that “The Star-Spangled Banner” is the national anthem, not “America the Beautiful.”

Rather than focusing on a commercial designed to display the various cultures in the United States, Americans should be concerned about obesity rates, equality laws, healthcare reform, or a multitude of other issues that are rampant across the country.

Imagine in the future, all water companies release advertisements depicting racial and sexual diversity.

Would the same people boycotting Coca-Cola begin boycotting water?