“Lights Up”: an absolute hit that blends Latin sound with rock influences.

Source: Genius.com

Source: Genius.com

Gabriel Barrenechea, Sports Editor

Lights Up,” Harry Styles’ first single since his self titled album “Harry Styles,” is an absolute hit that blends Latin sound with rock influences.

According to fans on Twitter, this song has been said to have references to Styles’s sexuality, drug-use, and his departure from ex-band One Direction.

Styles’ sexuality has been questioned by fans for years.

In his newly released music video, Styles is dancing with men and women which sent his Twitter fanbase into a frenzy.

The songs implications of drug-use also stirred conversation. Lyrics such as “step into the light” and “I’m never coming back down” raise eyebrows.

A new era for Styles shines through when he hinted at his definite solo career through the lyrics, “I’m not ever going back.” Fans took to twitter to draw conclusions and decided he was referencing the famous boy band, One Direction.

People are led to believe that this new single is a sign that his new album is on it’s way soon.

In previous Rolling Stones article, Styles said his second solo album is about “having sex and being sad,” so audiences have a lot to look forward to.

Fleetwood Mac, one of Styles’ favorite bands and good friends seem to have played a role of inspiration in this song and it’s heard in the way the piano’s used throughout the song.

This single is much different than what Styles has released in the past. It is not very comparable to his first album which consisted of a rock and roll and folk sound.

Overall, this single’s spacey sounds, bridge and beat makes you want to get up and dance.