Academic Senate task forces target enrollment, guided pathways form meta majors groupings

Dylan Newman, Staff Reporter

De Anza Academic Senate is implementing task forces to tackle issues around campus like course scheduling and enrollment.

Ishmael Tarikh, task force co-chair and political science instructor, is a member of the course scheduling and enrollment task force. He said the main objectives of the task force are to review the data regarding course scheduling and gain the administration’s support for a partnership resource program by this spring quarter.

“I am suggesting that perhaps under a different leadership, that maybe we can get to a point where we are actually taking seriously that we do have an enrollment problem here,” Tarikh said.

Guided Pathways

The Academic Senate also addressed advancements in the educational program Guided Pathways, which groups similar majors to allow more exploration for students, and aims to boost graduation rates.

Senate President Karen Chow said that the program is looking into tentative groupings within the majors.

“It’s been a little while, since we’ve shown some of the ways other colleges have decided to organize and display their meta majors,” she said.