IPBT kicks off program review process with questionnaire revision

My Do and Miguel Cerda

The Instructional Planning and Budget Team started the program review process on Nov. 12 by breaking into four working groups to revise the questionnaire.

IPBT co-chair Lorrie Ranck said the purpose of this exercise was to make sure the group would be getting the exact information they needed through the questions to be sent out to departments.

The criteria for program review remain the same. Programs will be evaluated based on the number of degrees and certificates issued, enrollment, Career & Technical Education Employment Outcomes and targeted gap.

IPBT will also try to make the process easier for departments this year. The group will look at each department’s answers to the questionnaire and compile a spreadsheet with information to be confirmed by the department, instead of having them fill out an additional form on top of the questionnaire.

“That way we’re not be adding another layer of work on top of what they’ve already done,” said Ranck.

IPBT will take a break on Nov. 20 and return on Nov. 27. The questionnaire is expected to be completed by the end of the fall quarter and ready to roll out in winter.

IPBT will also bring back the football program at the Nov. 27 meeting and review their viability after giving the program and extension.

“Viability will look at the new input and viability committee will make a recommendation to IPBT. IPBT votes on that recommendation probably on Nov. 27,” said Mary Pape, IPBT co-chair.

The group will resume working on program viability in early December.