IPBT will look at layoffs for future decisions, program cuts to also carry over in fall

Ethan Maneja, Staff Reporter

Plans determining which De Anza College programs will be referred for Viability studies will continue into fall.

The De Anza Instructional Planning Budget Team did not reach its goal cutting the $4.6 million this quarter, leaving $2.4 million left to cut, the team decided at a June 19 meeting.

Two new programs looked at by the Viability Advisory Team since its June 5 meeting were English literature and nursing. The VAT recommended that English literature reduce the number of sections it would offer students. No decision has been made for nursing, and it is still under consideration.

The IPBT voted on June 19 to add the remaining six vacant faculty positions, reducing the deficit to around $2.4 million.

During its final meeting of the quarter, the IPBT decided to send final recommendations to the June 21 College Council meeting without making any further budget decisions.

“We can’t go that deep, we just can’t. And when I look at everything we’re considering, I just don’t know how we hit the $3.2 and $4.6 [million], it doesn’t make sense.” Espinosa-Pieb said.

Espinosa-Pieb, De Anza’s interim president starting July 1, said she will continue talking with programs like nursing and look for suggestions and solutions over the summer.

IPBT co-chairs Jim Nguyen and Espinosa-Pieb presented the proposal to the College Council council meeting, where it was approved.

Nguyen said the proposal would be sent to the President and the Board of Trustees for consideration.

Programs and teams still under consideration by the IPBT like women’s water polo, football, wildlife science tech and nursing will be revisited in the fall. Nguyen said future decisions will likely start looking at layoffs in the upcoming year.

“We’re probably going to start laying off people next year. Don’t know who or where but it’s going to start happening,” Nguyen said. “I think the biggest thing we’re going to have to try to do is to stay with our process: keep our mission and values in mind as we’re going through it and to do our best to do more with less.”