International student tuition base increase

Naomi Fuhrmann, Staff Writer

Most recently trustess approved a $3 increas in non-resident student tuition, increasing the international student tuition from $147 to $152 per quarter-unit for the 2015-2016 school year.

The international student program at De Anza college  started with  approximately 500 to 700 students, but the program now has roughly 2000 students.

Other than a website and a Facebook page, the program does little advertising. Alumnus of the international program promote the program with their friends and family, bringing new students each year. Most of the students come from China, South Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia.

“Ninety to 95 percent of the students aim for two-year transfers,” said Joseph Ng, international student program supervisor.

The rest of the students usually aim for degree programs or transition from one academic career to another.

Students are requied to be enrolled full time and are provided with information on housing arrangement.

Sometimes the program will connect international students with a host family for living arrangements.

“About 500 students transfer to four-year universities and 100 move back to their home country,” Ng said.

International students make up about 9 percent of De Anza’s  student population.

Ng said that even with the tuition increase the program has not seen any decrease in enrollment.