DASB senate tightens attendance rules

Alena Naiden, Staff Writer

The DASB senate is working on changing the student government structure to make the senate work more efficiently.

In meetings on Oct. 15 and 22, the senators discussed the correction of existing absence and removal policies.

Under the current bylaw, senators begin each quarter with six attendance points and lose one point for each missed meeting.

Senators who have zero attendance points are removed from the senate.

“The main problem was the fact that senators were allowed to be absent for too long,” said Oscar Cruz, DASB senate chair of environmental sustainability. “I’d actually like to see the senate that works, and there is no ‘just taking vacations,’”

With the changes, senators will be able to request a leave of absence of up to 28 calendar days per term rather than 45, and leaves of absence will have to be at least three college days in duration as opposed to six.

“We all are doing a very good job, and we are moving in the right direction,” said Julia Malakiman, DASB president.

Some changes, like losing two points rather than one for not attending a mandatory event, will make the rules a little stricter.

Senate will excuse only three absences in a quarter, with provided proof.

Senators will be partially punished by losing half a point rather than one if they are less than 20 minutes late for a meeting or are able to find a replacement for an event they have signed up for.

“The bylaw changes will encourage senators to be more present, to be more responsible,” Cruz said. “And after all it is going to benefit the students, because they are going to have a more committed senate.”