Cotton candy upstages senators

Steven Hall, Staff Reporter

Cotton candy overwhelmingly drew more attention than the DASB senators at the Meet Your Senators event on April 22 and 23 at the main quad.

Many students stopped by for the cotton candy but left without having looked at the pamphlets on display or having met the DASB senators.

“I’m only going for the cotton candy,” said Peal Holmes, 20, nursing major.

Such sentiments did not dampen senators’ spirits, and they continued to greet students and talked to them about the various services DASB provides, and encouraged student involvement and promoted upcoming events like the Health Zone

“It’s about what services the students can get from us and it’s very important that we come out here because the spring elections are close,” said DASB Executive Vice President Koosha Seyvani, “This is a great opportunity for students to participate.”

Dozens of other students came by the booth to look through pamphlets on environmental sustainability, diversity, student rights, events and the services the senate provides.

Not all of the students showed the same enthusiasm for politics or for getting involved with the different committees and events.

“I’m not going because I feel the student council is just too much of a patriarchy,” said Mary-Willow Hawley, 18, a film and television major.

The senate regulates programs such as the De Anza bike program, student discounts and the campus cupboard which helps provide food to low-income students.

Information on future meetings, events and other senate governed services can be found on the De Anza website.