DASB Senate funds new programs for 2014-2015

The DASB Senate allocated $88,586 for seven new programs for the 2014- 2015 school year at the budget meeting on Feb. 12.

The new programs include DA Presents, a set of student made TV programs, and the LGBTQQI Taskforce, a group that promotes equal rights and treatment.

The senate voted unanimously to amend the budget to include new expenditures.

Voting will continue next Wednesday Feb. 19.

Before the senate began debating the budget, groups asking for funds were given three minutes to explain why their group should receive the requested amount.

Several groups asked for an increase in funding because the minimum wage for student workers could increase this year.

The Student Success and Retention Services Center requested $39,960 for student payroll. Last year they spent $25,920 on student payroll.

The DASB did not fund the increases for most groups.

“We don’t know if the minimum wage is going up,” said Nupur Mehta, the Budget and Finance committee chair.

Many student positions already pay more than $10 per hour so not every position would be affected.

After the groups finished presenting, the senate moved onto the first round of budget evaluations.

During the first round, senators could move to reduce the proposed expenditures and ask questions about any budget items.

The senate was silent as the meeting chair went through the budget.

“Come on guys, if you have even the slightest doubt, ask because we are dealing with a lot of money,” Mehta said.

The senate did not make any reductions during the round, but senators began asking questions after Mehta’s comment.

During the second round, senators could propose increases to the recommended budget.

Only 10 groups, including the scholarship program and the honors program, received more funds than budget and finance committee originally recommended.

“Part of the reason why some programs did not receive more funds is because we want to try to save more money for special allocations and emergency events,” said Robert Yasin, a Budget and Finance committee member.

After all the additional funding was distributed, there was $17,167 remaining for special allocations.

Once all the expenditures were approved the senate voted to amend the budget to reflect the changes and adjourned for the night.