Photo Essay: Unnoticed beauty


Archee Kumar

Towering palm trees align the secluded space on June 15.

Archee Kumar

Sometimes there are hidden treasures in the world that remain undiscovered. These places possess a unique beauty and charm, but often go unnoticed and unexplored. 

Similarly, inside De Anza’s campus lies beauty that remains concealed amongst the busy life of students. These lesser-known places allure those who stumble upon them because they offer peace.

One hidden gem is found in the A-quad, on top of the stairs. This spot is covered with fallen spring leaves, creating a carpet of vibrant colors. What makes this place so special is not only its visual appeal but also its unique atmosphere.

The elevated platform provides a sense of solitude and tranquility. As you ascend the stairs, leaving the bustling campus behind, you enter a peaceful retreat. It offers a chance to disconnect from the external noise and find solace in the gentle rustling of leaves and whisper of the wind.

Another reason why this place holds so much beauty is the absence of spectators. Unlike other popular areas on campus, this spot remains relatively private. 

There are no crowds of students or passersby, allowing for an undisturbed and personal experience. It creates a sense of exclusivity and serenity, as if you have stumbled upon a secret haven.

At this quiet platform you can find a moment for reflection, space to clear your mind and an opportunity to appreciate the simple beauty surrounding you. It serves as a reminder to slow down, appreciate the small details and find beauty in unexpected places.