Music Festival Fashion Do’s and Don’ts


Daneia Rodriguez, Staff Reporter

Festival season has arrived!

Whether you’re headed to Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, Burning Man or if you just got back from Coachella and SXSW; you’ve bought your ticket and now it’s time for the real fun, what to wear?

In previous years, music festival fashion was Boho crazy but this year it’s different.

It’s time to give the high-waist shorts and flower crowns a rest.

Every year hundreds walk around these festivals looking like a Vanessa Hudgens clone.

This year, to avoid becoming another clone, try something different.

Here are a few steps to help you standout during festival season:

DO try floral accents. A floral kimono or shorts look great. Head to toe floral is not what this means.

DO try a statement piece. Round sunglasses, wide brimmed floppy hat or a head wrap. Don’t go on a statement piece over load.

Natalie Brobst, 24, nursing major said, “Heels are a big no for festival season, go for a sandal, bootie or sneaker instead.”

DON’T wear unnecessary shoes, like stilettos. Try a cutout bootie or a tall gladiator sandal. Comfort should always be key.

DO use a fanny pack. No longer 80’s fashion statement. Cute fanny packs are now the alternate for festivals, as young fashionista Kylie Jenner was spotted wearing at this past Coachella.

“I’m in love with cute back packs this year, so that would definitely be my accessory of choice”, said Reta Morettie, 23, visual merchandising major.

DON’T walk around half naked in a bathing suit, you’re not going swimming, you’re going to a concert. Instead try a cute bra top, crop top, or a cute body suit that you can pair with some denim shorts.

Of course it’s fun to dress up but don’t dress out of your comfort zone in attempts to be over the top trendy.

Over all with all the trends of this years “festival fashion”, above all else be yourself.